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Professional Development

Emergency Medicine Review and Clinical Pearls – Dr. Paul Been

Dermatology Steroid Review – Lisa Maier, CNP

Antimicrobial Review – Dawn Miller, PHARMD

Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure – Blythe Gresser, CNP

Neurology Examination – Susan Franano, CNP

Pediatric Pearls – Lori Schuler, CNP

Case Presentation: Headache vs. CVA – Ivy Poma, PA-C

Case Presentation: Malaria – Sarita Dhiraprasiddhi, PA-C

Introduction to Wilderness Medicine – Deania Towns, PA-C

Acute Eye Injuries – Jeff Coffman, PA-C

CVA: Stroke Review – Dr. Styer

Cardiology: Arrhythmia’s – Michelle Wende, CNP

Case Presentation: PAD and DVT – Kim Richardson, CNP

Case Presentation: Endocarditis – Teniele Cochern, CNP

Complicated UTI’s – Dr. Paul Willette

Pediatric Respiratory Review – Sam Campolo, CNP

Pediatric Abdominal Pain – Doug McCoy, CNP

Medication Overdoes – Marichele Uy, PA-C

Foot and Ankle Disorders – Lindsay Barkson, CNP, Desiree Van Dyne, PA-C

Case Review: Abscess and Krokodil – Traci Jackson, CNP

Respiratory: Review on ER Presentations and Case Presentations – Dr. Paul Been

Ultrasound Guided Central and Peripheral Line Placement – Dr. Erica Kube

Abscess vs. Cellulitis – Dr. Erica Kube

Epistaxis : Treatment in the Emergency Department – Jeff Coffman, PA-C

Trauma: ED Presentation to Stabilization – Autumn Norton, CNP

Potassium Disturbances – Rita Kaspar, CNP

Case Presentation: Altered Mental Status – Megan Franta, PA-C

Hand, Wrist Injuries and Anatomy Review – Charan Gowda, MD

Dental and Facial Nerve Block – Jeff Coffman, PA-C

Case Review: Thyroid Storm – Erin Piontkowski, CNP

Cardiac Stress Tests and Imaging – Michelle Wende, CNP

Documentation Pearls – Dr. Brad Raetzke

EKG Review – Dave Willman, CNP