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Welcome to CME Procedures Online Video Access!

If you have purchased one or more of our CME packages this is where you gain streaming video access.  While making your purchase you created a user account.  That username and password are the login credentials you will use to access the activities you purchased.  When returning to the website for online access use the “login” link located to the right of this paragraph.  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN FOR ONLINE ACCESS.  It may take up to 48-72 hours to activate your access from time of purchase.

HOW DO I GET MY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION?  Once you have completed all of your tests you must complete the Signed Letter of Participation to receive your CME Procedures Certificate of Completion. Some of the activities, like the Procedures Set, require more than one test per activity. Follow the “Get your Certificate of Completion!” link in that particular section to get a detailed description of everything that must be completed to obtain your CME/CE credit.

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Radiology Series:

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